The weather is getting warmer and most of us are ready to get out of the house. With summer around the corner, spend some time tackling these spring landscaping tasks so that your property is ready for friends and family to enjoy. Here are a few things to take care of around the yard.

Rake the Yard When Landscaping in the Spring

Dead grass and debris from last fall and winter can slow new grass growth in your yard. Raking the lawn will remove thatch and help the grass grow back more quickly.

Especially in areas where you plan to sow grass seed, it’s important to remove dead materials from the lawn. This allows sunlight, water, and fertilizer to reach the healthy grass and promote its growth.

Spread Grass Seed

If you’re reseeding the yard, do it as early as possible once the daytime temperatures are in the 60 to 70-degree range. Springtime rains and the warming earth encourage seeds to sprout. Follow the directions on the packaging if you’re adding fertilizer, but it’s usually safe to spread this at the same time that you spread grass seed.

Take Care of Flower Beds

If you have perennial beds, trim any dead plant stalks and remove old plant material. Tidy the beds and mix some compost into the soil around your plants. This will improve the soil and give the flowers a boost. Prepare the soil for beds of annual flowers. Remove leaves, twigs, and other debris. Pull weeds and then mix compost into the soil.

Dividing Your Perennials

Many types of perennial flowers can be divided and redistributed in other parts of your yard. If your perennials have been very prolific, you might divide them and share them with friends and neighbors. Learn about each type of plant to know when is best to divide them. Generally, you’ll want to wait for spring flowers to finish blooming before you dig up the bulbs.

Spring Landscaping Includes Trimming Trees and Shrubs

Check the trees and shrubs around your home and trim dead or dying branches. It’s not uncommon for bushes or trees to be damaged during winter storms. Remove the dying branches so the plant can focus its energy on the healthy limbs. Prune trees that are growing over your roof or driveway to keep branches from damaging the roofing or your car.

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