Selling your house is a big endeavor. You’ll also have to plan for moving after the sale, which can be stressful even for the most organized people. The good news is that you can make the process easier by hiring the right people and completing these steps.

Hire a Real Estate Agent When Selling Your House

Your real estate agent is your ally. Hiring the right agent is critical because they’ll be doing most of the work to get your house sold. When looking for a real estate agent, choose one who is experienced in your local market. Housing prices fluctuate between communities, so you want an agent who knows your area. Your agent will price your house based on similar houses that have recently sold in your community.

Get a Pre-Listing Inspection

Before your house goes on the market, have it inspected by a home inspector. An inspector is a neutral third-party who will report objectively on the condition of your home. After your pre-listing inspection is complete, give your real estate agent the inspection results. Depending on what the home inspector finds, it might affect how your house is priced. Your agent can also give you advice on what problems are worth fixing right away and the ones that can wait.

Clean Up Your Lawn

Curb appeal improves your home’s value and helps make a great first impression when selling your house. If your lawn is overgrown with weeds and untrimmed bushes, buyers will be turned off before they even see the inside of the home. Clean up the lawn and remove clutter like toys, garden equipment, and other miscellaneous items so your landscaping and home look well-kept.

Staging When Selling Your House

Staging should make your home look spacious, clean, and organized. Some agents will hire professional stagers to bring their own furniture and decor. Staging might involve arranging furniture and improving lighting. It’s also a good idea to remove personal items and artwork to help buyers envision themselves living in your home.

Selling Your House Doesn’t Have to be Stressful

When you hire the right people and follow their advice, selling your house will be much less stressful. Trust your real estate agent’s advice and follow their recommendations for a smoother process.

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