Remodeling the basement adds value and function to your property by providing extra living spaces for your family and friends. If you have an empty or unused basement, here are a few inspiring ways to upgrade the space.

Add Bedrooms When Remodeling the Basement

If your kids are tired of sharing a room or if you frequently have house guests, remodeling to add bedrooms is a great plan for your home. Create separate rooms or build bunk beds into the wall to add several more sleeping areas. When planning basement bedrooms, consider that they’ll need an easy exit in case of fire. Build the bedroom in an area with a window and install smoke detectors in the space.

Home Theater

The dark, enclosed feeling of a basement makes it perfect for a home theater. The lack of windows would be a detriment to any other type of living area but is a desirable feature in a theater. Technology to provide quality sound is inexpensive. Choose a ceiling-mounted projector or add a large flat-screen TV to the wall.

Living Room

Two living rooms are better than one. Adding another area for family and friends to hang out creates more usable space in your home. The kids can spend time with their friends watching movies in the basement living room, while the adults enjoy social time upstairs.

A Wine Cellar is a Great Idea for Remodeling the Basement

For the wine connoisseur, an in-home wine cellar is a dream come true. Use your basement for wine storage and tasting. You will need to keep the environment stable at a temperature between 45 and 65 degrees, with the humidity around 70%.

With the temperature and humidity requirements for proper wine storage, this is a more expensive project. However, a wine cellar in your home has a great return-on-investment and will increase the property value.

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