Getting your home ready for sale can be stressful. The quality and condition of the property are vital to winning over potential buyers. A pre-listing inspection can help sell your home quicker and at a higher price. Continue reading to learn how a pre-listing inspection will benefit you.

How much does a pre-listing inspection cost?

They generally cost anywhere between $250 and $700. This price depends on where you live and the size of your home. For most sellers, this cost is well worth the benefits that come along with the pre-listing home inspection.

Benefits of Pre-listing Home Inspections

Choosing What to Repair Before the Sale

When you order an inspection for listing your home, you can view all the repairs that need to be completed and choose to focus on the ones that help maximize the property’s appeal.

A Pre-Listing Inspection Makes a More Marketable Home

Ordering one of these inspections will also help market your home. Advertising the fact that you have a pre-listing inspection report will make your home stand out. Highlight any repairs that you recently made as a result of the inspection, as this will be attractive to potential buyers.

Leverage a Better Offer

A positive inspection can translate into a higher listing price. If the property is in better shape than expected, the great condition of components and lack of future repairs can merit a higher sales price.

Speed Up the Sale Process.

One of the major benefits that can come from ordering a pre-listing inspection is that it can decrease the time that negotiations take. These inspections will give you a better idea of what a buyer will ask for, giving you time to make repairs or adjust the price of the home accordingly. This streamlined process also helps attract serious buyers and can help a buyer close the deal in a shorter period of time.

A Pre-Listing Inspection Makes Your House Stand Out From the Competition

Only a small percentage of home sellers choose to get an inspection before hiring a realtor. Your home will stand out when you get one, making it easier to connect with a buyer. Getting one of these home inspections takes time and is an expense, but it is well worth the costs given the advantages that it brings to the seller.

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