The air quality in your home affects your entire family’s well-being. In newer homes, indoor air pollution tends to be a problem because the windows and doors are well-sealed. Air contaminants that make their way in from outside or are generated indoors cannot escape. Here are 5 ways to address this problem and improve indoor air quality.

Replace HVAC Filters Frequently to Improve Indoor Air Quality

The HVAC system helps with indoor air quality by circulating air within the house and reducing humidity. But when the air filter is dirty, it contributes to air pollution indoors. Dirty HVAC filters spread dust, dander, and other allergens throughout the air in the home. Follow the manufacturer’s advice about how often you should change the air filter. To be on the safe side, change it once per month.

Clean Surfaces, Floors, and Fabrics

A clean home usually translates to cleaner indoor air. Keep your floors, surfaces, and fabrics like drapes and bedding clean to eliminate dust and allergens from the air. Place doormats on the outside and inside of each exterior door to prevent dirt and chemicals from being tracked in from outdoors. Clean floors a few times per week and have upholstered furniture professionally cleaned once or twice per year.

Keep Houseplants, But Use Caution When Watering

Some houseplants help to remove toxins from indoor air, so keeping them around the house is beneficial. However, if houseplants are overwatered, the soil will grow mold. Mold spores can spread and contribute to poor indoor air quality. If you keep houseplants and expect them to purify your air, make sure not to overwater them.

Open the Windows to Let in Fresh Air

Because airtight homes collect airborne pollutants, simply opening the windows will help clear the air. You don’t need to leave the windows open all day in cold weather; simply cracking the windows for 10 or 15 minutes will help move stagnant air outside and fresh air indoors.

Improve Indoor Air Quality with an Air Purifier

While all of the above tips will help with improving indoor air quality, the most effective way is to buy an air purifier. These powerful machines use filters to trap a high percentage of very small contaminants. Look for a HEPA air purifier for the best results.

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