Even though you’re short on space, a small kitchen can become a functional and well-organized room. To create a comfortable place to prepare meals, use these ideas for small kitchens. You will make the best use of the space and develop ways to keep your kitchen tidy.

Hang Pots and Pans

When you are short on storage space, pots and pans are challenging to organize. Keep your cookware within easy reach by installing a pot rack on the ceiling. You’ll also find wall-mounted options to install above your stove. Storing your cookware on a hanging rack leaves valuable cabinet and countertop space free for other uses.

Custom Cabinets are a Great Idea for Small Kitchens

Custom-built cabinets are an ideal way to organize a small kitchen. If you have the budget, have cabinets made to store cooking supplies. Design a pantry for food storage. Create custom cabinets to keep things you use every day. Have a kitchen island designed to fit your space perfectly. The island gives you additional storage for dishes, small appliances, cookware, and extra countertop space.

Pull-Out Pantry

A pull-out pantry is a great idea for small kitchens. You’ll save room by putting the space beside the refrigerator to good use. A pull-out pantry holds canned goods and spices. As a bonus, these items are easy to reach while you’re preparing dinner.

Ideas for Small Kitchens Include Glass Cabinet Doors

Replacing the wooden cabinet doors with glass is a unique idea for small kitchens. This design style creates the illusion of a larger space. Glass cabinet doors allow you to display mixing bowls and unique pottery or china. You’ll be able to see what is in each cabinet easily.

Open Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens

Another way to make the kitchen feel bigger is to remove the cabinet doors altogether. Open shelves make the room look more inviting and spacious. Cookware, dishes, and appliances are easy to access. You can also use the area above your cabinets to store infrequently used appliances, cookbooks, and bakeware.

Keep Things Minimal

To make a small space feel larger, remove clutter. Only keep things you use regularly. This applies to utensils, appliances, and kitchen decor. If you have cookware or table linens you never need or use, donate them to charity to free up space.

Kitchen Island Storage

A kitchen island is a practical addition to a kitchen. The counter space is helpful for meal prep, and the area below can hold small appliances and cookware. Some islands have drawers for storing utensils and rolls of foil and plastic wrap.

Ideas for Small Kitchens: Stools Without Backs

You might opt to do away with a large kitchen table and use the island to eat dinner in a small kitchen. Choose stools without backs. This type of stool takes up less space and opens up the room. If your island does not have cabinets beneath it, you can store the seats in the open area below.

Keep Appliances off the Counters

To free up space for food prep, keep countertops cleaned off. The kitchen will look more spacious, and you’ll have plenty of room to chop vegetables, measure ingredients, and mix dough. Store appliances elsewhere until they are needed.

If your home has a small kitchen, make the most of the space. Remove items you don’t need and get creative with storage solutions. With these tips and tricks, you’ll create a functional and clutter-free kitchen.

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