If you’ve decided to take the leap and purchase a home, it is critical to get a home inspection before buying. The cost of a home inspection is the responsibility of the buyer. As a buyer, you have the choice to skip the home inspection, but that isn’t recommended.

During the home inspection, the inspector will go through the house and identify anything that needs repairs or isn’t functioning correctly. Here are the top five reasons to get a home inspection:

It’s Cost Efficient

The price of a home inspection is far less than the cost to fix an unexpected issue. On average, home inspections cost approximately $300-$500. Paying the inspection cost upfront is more affordable than making major repairs down the road.

A Home Inspection Before Buying Prevents Surprises After Closing

When you get a home inspection before buying, you’ll know the true condition of the home. The home you’re interested in may have been recently remodeled and have excellent curb appeal, but there might be several things you wouldn’t notice as the buyer. An inspector will assess the components and features of the home, and identify any issues in a detailed inspection report.

Negotiation Leverage

A home inspection will give you leverage when you’re negotiating the price of the home. If an inspector finds significant problems that will be costly to fix, you can ask the seller to make repairs, reduce the price of the home, or pay a higher amount in closing costs.

Get a Home Inspection Before Buying for Safety Reasons

Safety plays a big part in a home inspection. The inspection report will detail any safety issues or concerns with the property. Leaks, electrical problems, and structural issues should be addressed. If an inspection report reveals that the house has areas of concern, repairs will be needed to make the property safe. Safety issues are major red flags.

Peace of Mind

Lastly, getting a home inspection before buying will give you peace of mind. You’ll go into your purchase with a clear understanding about the condition of your home. You’ll have an idea of what to expect now and in the future.

The final report will likely show several issues noted by the inspector because no home is perfect. Pay attention to the seriousness of the defects rather than the quantity. There may be defects that don’t need fixing right away, while others may cause significant problems that are expensive to fix.

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