House fires can be disastrous. In 2020, fires occurring in homes caused thousands of injuries and deaths. Fortunately, many fires are preventable. Here are fire safety tips to implement to protect your family and home.

Install Smoke Alarms

Smoke detectors increase your chances of surviving a fire. These devices provide an early warning so you can extinguish the fire or leave the house and call for help.

Install smoke alarms on every floor of your home, including the basement. Make sure there is a device inside every bedroom and outside sleeping areas in the hallway. Mount the units on or close to the ceiling and away from HVAC vents and ceiling fans that interfere with airflow.

Test the smoke alarms monthly and replace the batteries twice each year, or whenever an alarm beeps to signal its battery is low. If you’re thinking about home renovations, consider installing a fire sprinkler system for added protection.

Create a Fire Escape Plan to Boost Safety in the Home

A house fire may begin slowly, but it can engulf your home quickly. If a fire starts in your home, evacuate everyone as soon as possible. Make sure your family members know at least two ways to exit each room.

Identify a meeting place a safe distance from your home where the family can gather in the event of a fire. Practice the escape plan at least twice annually so that everyone is prepared. Understanding how to respond in case of fire helps your family members stay calm in an emergency situation.

Practicing Fire Safety in the Kitchen

Unattended cooking is one of the main causes of house fires. Always stay in the kitchen while you’re preparing food. If you have to leave the room, ask another adult to monitor the stove or oven.

If no one is present to keep an eye on the cooking, turn off the stove even if you’re just leaving the kitchen for a short period. When using the stove or oven, wear attire that’s suitable for cooking. Keep long hair put up, make sure apron strings are tied back, and don’t cook wearing baggy, loose-fitting clothing.

Fire Safety Regarding the Electrical System

Electrical problems are another common cause of fire in a home. Replace frayed or otherwise damaged electrical cords, and don’t put them under rugs or furniture. Avoid overloading outlets; doing so can cause a short or start an electrical fire.

Keep Children Safe

If you have young children, teach them about the dangers of fire to keep them safe. Store flammable objects, matches, and lighters, out of their reach. When using the firepit or enjoying a fire in the fireplace, an adult should always be present.

Purchase Fire Extinguishers to Promote Safety

Fire extinguishers can put out small fires before they get out of control. There are various types of fire extinguishers for different fires. For most homes, an ABC fire extinguisher is sufficient. Purchase at least one for every floor of your home, and be sure everyone learns how to use it. Use the acronym PASS: pull the pin, aim the nozzle low, squeeze the lever, and sweep the extinguisher across the base of the fire.

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