Summer is over and winter is just around the corner. If you are a homeowner, fall is an important time to focus on improving your home’s energy efficiency. Fall home maintenance helps to prevent major issues that could make the colder months ahead more difficult. Maintenance and upkeep are necessary to enjoy a safe & cozy home this fall and winter.

1. Change the Furnace Filter

Changing the HVAC filter is one of the quickest and easiest ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Making sure your filter is clean extends the life of your heating system by reducing strain on the components. A dirty or clogged filter makes your entire heating system work harder to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

2. Fall Home Maintenance: Clean the Gutters

Take advantage of the moderate temperatures to clean and inspect your home’s guttering system. Clean them yourself or hire a company to clear any obstructions. When gutters can’t properly divert water away from your roof and home, you risk water damage to the foundation, siding, and even the interior. If you notice cracks or rusted areas of the gutters, call a professional to make repairs.

3. Test the Carbon Monoxide Detectors

With furnaces turned on, windows closed, and portable heaters running, it’s important that your carbon monoxide detector has a fresh battery and is in good working order to keep your family safe from this deadly gas. Test the smoke detectors, making sure they will sound an alarm in case a fire breaks out.

4. Check for Air Leaks for Fall Home Maintenance

Winterize your home by checking around windows and doors for air leaks. If these areas are not sealed properly, the heating and cooling system has to work much harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. Poorly insulated doors and windows will lead to unnecesarily high energy bills.

5. Stock Up on Winter Weather Supplies

Make sure you have a sturdy snow shovel and that your snowblower starts up. It’s better to learn now that you need to repair or replace these items than to find out when your property is covered with several inches of snow.

The pleasant weather in fall allows you to accomplish a lot in preparation for winter. Spend a little extra time focusing on your property, especially the heating system. Keeping up with regular maintenance not only saves money but also keeps you and your family safe and comfortable during the colder months of the year.

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