You’ve bought a newly constructed house and you are happy with your investment. It passed the code inspection and you even got a third-party home inspector to perform an inspection before you closed on the purchase. However, it is still possible for a defect to arise after moving into your new home. Schedule a builder’s warranty inspection before the 12-month warranty expires to catch any problems.

Benefits of a Builder’s Warranty Inspection

Because you have a builder’s warranty, you might think that your home is protected. The builder’s warranty only covers construction-related issues that have been discovered and filed as a claim.

Without an inspection in the first year of living there, issues with your new home may go unnoticed. It takes a professional inspection to learn about problems in a home that aren’t obvious. Order a builder’s warranty inspection, so that you get a detailed report of everything that needs to be fixed before the warranty expires.

Find Safety Issues with a Builder’s Warranty Inspection

Some safety issues include leaks and mold, faulty outlets, and malfunctioning appliances. You need to know that your home is safe to have peace of mind, and this inspection will alert you to any issues so you can have them fixed under the warranty.

When You Resell

Perhaps you bought your new home to grow old in, or maybe it’s an investment property that you intend to sell and make a profit. Whenever you decide to sell, your buyer will likely order a home inspection. Instead of discovering problems from the buyer’s inspection that could have been fixed under the warranty, schedule a builder’s warranty inspection to protect your investment.

The builder’s warranty that comes with the purchase of a new home exists for a reason. Builders know that even new construction homes aren’t perfect. As a protection for the customer, they typically offer a warranty for the first year of homeownership. Make the most of this offering by hiring a third-party inspector to complete a builder’s warranty inspection.

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