If you are thinking about selling your home, there is more than the price per square foot to consider. Prospective buyers are also looking for popular features in a home. There are many projects that add value to a home, ranging from low-cost options to bigger investments.

First, fix anything that needs small repairs. If you do not fix issues in advance of putting your home on the market, chances are you will be asked to make repairs after a home inspection. When you are proactive, there’s time to get multiple estimates for projects that require a professional and you can make any smaller repairs yourself.

Many homebuyers prefer properties that are move-in ready or as close to it as possible. They don’t want to work on the house after moving in. Any projects that bring your home closer to being move-in ready will make the property worth more.

Small Projects That Add Value to a Home

Fill in flaws and holes in walls with a wall-patching putty and apply a fresh coat of paint. Light colors make rooms feel brighter and more spacious. Other small projects that add value to a home are fixing leaky faucets and clogged drains and buying new screens for doors and windows.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal gives a prospective buyer a good first impression. If they don’t like what they see from the outside, they probably won’t be interested in touring the rest of the house. Clean up your landscaping, especially in the front of your house. Add new flowers to beds, pull weeds, remove dead plants, and put a new layer of mulch down around foliage. Trim bushes and trees, keep the lawn freshly mowed, and add outdoor lighting.

Flooring Upgrades

Replace worn and outdated carpet with a hard flooring material, like hardwood or tile. Prospective buyers like hard flooring because it is easier to clean. Old and dirty carpeting is a major deterrent for homebuyers.

Larger Projects That Add Value to a Home

Some more complex projects that add value to a home require permits, depending on where you live. Research permit requirements or hire an insured professional who is familiar with local regulations. Typically, adding a deck, sunroom, or any other renovation that adds to or changes the footprint of your home will require a building permit.

Any project that alters or is connected to plumbing or electrical systems may also require code inspections, so allow enough time for this to be done.

Easy Remodels

Upgrade old kitchen appliances for a partial kitchen remodel. Matching stainless steel finishes on a dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, and microwave give the best visual appeal.

If you can’t afford a complete bathroom makeover, regrout and/or replace old bathroom tiles. Tile, especially in the shower, is susceptible to growing mold in the grout. Moldy grout is unattractive and unhealthy.

By completing some of the projects that add value to a home, you have a much better chance of recouping the money you invested and making more of a profit. The less work that potential buyers have to complete when they move into a home, the more likely they are to place a solid offer.

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