Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of inspections do you do?

We offer residential and commercial home inspections including office inspections. We also offer radon testing.

What can be expected when you come inspect my home?

We will send out an OSHA certified home inspector to your home, they will check every area of your home to ensure its safety. After your inspection is complete, within 24 hours you can expect a report of what we found.

How much experience do you have?

Our Inspector has over 30 years of experience in the building trade before entering into inspection services. He has experience in HVAC, and has been a member of a safety committee giving him vast experience in home inspections/

What are your certifications?

I am INTERNACHI certified and OSHA certified

When do I need a home inspection?

Before your list your home, before buying a new home, before buying a new office, before selling an office space are all times that require home inspections